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Quality assurance

The quality of a translation is determined by the accurate and faithful representation of the original content. Terminology, style, contextual meaning and overall message must be true to the source text.

In-depth knowledge of your industry facilitates robust and reliable translations.
Our translators are highly specialised and experienced in a wide array of subject matters, combining linguistic degrees with qualifications in business, law, life sciences, software, engineering and more.

Our bespoke web-based back office identifies the best suited translators and revisers for your requirements at a mouse click. We are proud to have our processes but also our proprietary on-line back office ProVision, accredited under the international translation standard EN15038:2006.

Context is the translation partner of choice for the following industries:
•    Life science, health care;
•    Web communication, games;
•    Employee relations, law;
•    EU programmes, public service;
•    Training & education;
•    Quality control;
•    App development, IT.
Pharmaceutical companies choose Context to conduct highly sensitive back translations of their product and field trial documentation.




改善 - a journey of discovery改善 - a journey of discovery


Presented at the memoQfest in Budapest on 8 May 2014

Kaizen, a management philosophy which has its root in a meeting of Eastern and Western cultures and has emanated from Japan, has proven to be the basis of powerful business strategies. Continuous improvement and intelligent use of existing potentials - in contrast to relentless innovation - continues to show impressive results. This paper examines the as yet untapped potential of translation tools you might be using, and looks at practical ways to use what you already have - and perhaps didn't even know you had! You will see a case study and business cases. And you are invited to change your perspective - to powerful effect.

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