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Measuring the immeasurableMeasuring the immeasurable


Presented at TM Europe in Warsaw on 5th October 2012.

Metrics in the language service industry have been a thorny topic - that's when they were a topic at all. Here is the invitation to stand back and take a new perspective on this important and complex issue.

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Myths and MetricsMyths and Metrics


Presented at memoQ fest 2011 in Budapest on 14 April 2011

Quality matters, despite pronouncements to the contrary by Renato Beninatto and others. But how can language service providers and their clients come to a shared understanding of this concept? Check out this case study from the real world.

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Localizing Dynamic Websites from Open Source CMSLocalizing Dynamic Websites from Open Source CMS


Presented at memoQ fest 2012 in Budapest on 10 May 2012

There are few Language Service Providers who have not been faced with this challenge. Yet it would be hard to find another language service requirement which is shrouded in such a fog of ignorance - and that's on both sides of the business transaction when it comes to it! Let the fog lift...

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Flexibility on a rock solid foundationFlexibility on a rock solid foundation


Presented at the Kilgray Roadshow in Dublin on 25 January 2012

Translation memory platforms differ. Here is one example how this technology can meet the demands of tight deadlines, complex workflows and unexpected changes mid-stream. Check out this case study from the real world.

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改善 - a journey of discovery改善 - a journey of discovery


Presented at the memoQfest in Budapest on 8 May 2014

Kaizen, a management philosophy which has its root in a meeting of Eastern and Western cultures and has emanated from Japan, has proven to be the basis of powerful business strategies. Continuous improvement and intelligent use of existing potentials - in contrast to relentless innovation - continues to show impressive results. This paper examines the as yet untapped potential of translation tools you might be using, and looks at practical ways to use what you already have - and perhaps didn't even know you had! You will see a case study and business cases. And you are invited to change your perspective - to powerful effect.

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