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Article 8 of the Irish Constitution defines Irish as the first official language of Ireland.

The Official Languages Act 2003 was implemented with the objective to make Irish more visible in Irish public life and to develop the active speaking community.

The Official Languages Act 2003 provides for English and Irish to be used “…IN PARLIAMENTARY PROCEEDINGS, IN ACTS OF THE OIREACHTAS, IN THE ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE, IN COMMUNICATING WITH OR PROVIDING SERVICES TO THE PUBLIC AND IN CARRYING OUT THE WORK OF PUBLIC BODIES...“ (Source: Irish Statute Book). The public sector, including Government Departments, state bodies, cities and counties, must use the Irish language where requested by citizens and publish documents in both English and Irish.

Context supports Irish public bodies to meet the requirements of the Official Languages Act 2003.

Our assets include a highly-trained and experienced team of professional Irish translators and editors, standardised and quality accredited work processes and the technical know-how to publish websites and printed matter.