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Context interpreters support large congresses attended by several thousand delegates, as well as press conferences, state visits, European Works Council meetings, transnational projects, think tank meetings and incentive events.

Different types of meetings may require different interpreting solutions.

In the simultaneous mode, interpretation is delivered virtually at the same time as the original speech. All participants hear the content of presentations and discussions in their respective languages without delay. This is the smoothest, most efficient and immediate interpreting solution. It requires highly skilled and experienced interpreters who work in pairs taking 30-minute turns, as well as state-of-the-art interpreting equipment, including sound-proof interpreter booths.

Where a foreign delegation is following a programme of 2-3 meetings per day in different locations, it may not be practical to install interpretation booths and stationary equipment. For this type of scenario involving only two languages – that of the host and that of the visitors – mobile interpreting equipment used by a simultaneous interpreter can work well.

For tête-à- tête meetings attended only by a handful of partners, whispered interpretation or consecutive interpretation, provided without the use of technical equipment, can be an adequate solution. In the consecutive mode, the speaker and the interpreter take turns; and in the whispering mode, the interpreter provides a sotto voce voice-over for one or two delegates within a group.

Our consultant interpreter, Ulrike Fuehrer, is available to advise you on the best interpreting solution for your meeting and work environment.


How to make the best use of interpreting facilities


Interpreted Conference CallsInterpreted Conference Calls


A flexible, low-cost interpreting solution for EWC Select Committee meetings and local works council meetings is Internet-based audio conferencing.
This type of interpreting supports remote multilingual meetings where participants and interpreters all work from their home or office.

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