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How do I get my documents translated?

The quickest and most cost efficient way is to click on 'get quote' on the first page of this website and upload your document. We will let you know how much it costs and how long it takes to have your document translated, and you give us the go-ahead at that point.

Can you certify/stamp documents?

Yes, we certify our translations on your request for submission to state agencies including regulatory authorities of the medical device industry.

Do the authorities accept your translations?

Yes, our certified translations are accepted by all national and international authorities including medical councils and regulatory bodies.

How long will it take to get my translation?

That depends on the length of your document and on the languages involved. Personal documents may take about 2-3 days, we translate and certify them faster if need be. Large multilingual projects can take weeks or even months to complete.

Can I hire an interpreter to come with me?

Yes, if you wish to get married to a partner who speaks a language other than English, you can hire one of our interpreters in Dublin, Galway, Cork or elsewhere in Ireland. If you have a doctor or hospital appointment or have to go to court, staff in these organisations usually book an interpreter for you.

Do you have professional interpreters?

Yes, we are the number 1 company in Ireland for the provision of high quality interpreters. We supply to EU and UN bodies, to the Olympic Committee, the OECD and other international agencies and corporations. We specialise in simultaneous conference interpreting - also called live translation - for European Works Council meetings and verbal translations for heads of state and heads of government. International corporations, trade union federations and government agencies in countries such as Ireland, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland engage our services on a regular basis.