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Your files are translated to an immaculate standard, subjected to rigorous quality checks under quality standards ISO9001:2008 (NSAI) and EN15038:2006, and delivered to you on time, within budget and in any language you require.

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Achieve clear and efficient communication with interpreters of all languages, in critical situations - during your red carpet event, Diplomatic visit, EU or Government meeting, quality audit, medical or legal consultation - at home and abroad.

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Transfer the benefits of your product to foreign markets. Receive ready-to-go solutions for multilingual use.
Enhance your global reach.

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Receive your key documents in Irish, on time, within budget and ready for publication. Translated, revised, proof read to EN15038:2006 requirements and by Foras na Gaeilge accredited linguists.

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We provide a complete service including simultaneous multilingual interpreting, venue finding, on-site management, AV equipment for your European Works Council meeting, Marketing event, Academic seminar, product launch, trade fair…

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  • How do I get my documents translated?
  • Can you certify/stamp documents?
  • Do the authorities accept your translations?
  • How long will it take to get my translation?
  • Can I hire an interpreter to come with me?
  • Do you have professional interpreters?